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A Guide to Measuring Ring Size

A Guide to Measuring Ring Size

  Choosing the perfect ring is an exciting and sentimental moment. However, ensuring the right fit is crucial to ensure comfort and enjoyment of your new piece. 

   The ring sizing process can be a bit daunting, especially if you're unfamiliar with the different measurement scales used around the world. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to measure your ring size using the US and European scales, empowering you to find the ideal fit for your jewellery.

Measuring Ring Size on the US Scale: The United States uses a numerical scale to measure ring sizes. Follow these steps to determine your US ring size:

  1. Obtain a ring sizer: Many jewellery stores provide free ring sizers that you can use at home. Alternatively, you can download a printable ring size chart from our website.

  2. Choose a ring that fits well: If you already own a ring that fits the intended finger, use it as a reference. Place the ring over the printed ring size chart or match it to the corresponding circle on the physical ring sizer. Make sure the inner edge of the ring aligns with the circle that matches its size.

  3. Measure the finger directly: If you don't have a reference ring, wrap a piece of string or a thin strip of paper around the finger where you intend to wear the ring. Mark the point where the string or paper overlaps, then measure the length with a ruler in millimeters. Compare this measurement to a conversion chart provided by jewellers to determine your US ring size.

Measuring Ring Size on the European Scale: In Europe, ring sizes are measured using a numerical scale that corresponds to the circumference of the finger in millimeters. Here's how you can determine your European ring size:

  1. Wrap a flexible measuring tape or strip of paper around the finger where you plan to wear the ring. Ensure a comfortable fit, not too tight or loose.

  2. Note the point where the measuring tape or paper overlaps. This represents the circumference of your finger.

  3. Convert the measurement to the European scale using a conversion chart provided by jewellers. Each millimeter measurement corresponds to a specific ring size.

Seeking Professional Assistance: If you're unsure about measuring your ring size accurately, it is always recommended to visit a professional jeweller. They possess the expertise and tools necessary to provide precise measurements, ensuring a perfect fit for your ring.

Considering Factors That Affect Ring Size: It's important to note that factors such as weather, temperature, time of day, and individual body changes can influence your ring size. Therefore, consider these factors and take appropriate measurements at the most stable time of day or season.

Accurately measuring your ring size is vital to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your precious jewellery. By understanding the US and European scales and following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently determine your ring size. Remember, if in doubt, consult with a professional jeweller who can guide you through the process and provide expert advice. With the perfect fit, your new ring will not only enhance your style but also become a cherished symbol of your personal journey.



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